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Rome Tours, the Sistine Chapel

Most people have heard of the Roman Sistine Chapel, and others are going to get a chance to see it while they visiting Rome through Rome tours of the amazing architecture of the Greeks. This particular Chapel is known for its glorious beauty, luxury, and some of the most wonderful paintings ever made. Whether you are an art lover or not, a Rome tour can take you through the Sistine Chapel and you are going to be amazed by these paintings from first part of the 16th century.


Nestled between St. Peter's Basilica, and the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel was built during the early years of the 16th century. It's named after Pope Sixtus the IV, and is approximately 135' x 44' in size. This is considered small when it comes to Roman architecture during the time, but its containment of glorious works of art have made it one of the most famous places on Rome tours. Some of the painting in the ceiling was done by Michelangelo during the early 1500's, and contains scenes from the Bible and approximately 9 different panels that took over four years for Michelangelo to paint.

Along with Michelangelo's work of art, also come Botticelli's Punishment of Korah and The Life of Moses as well as other notable artists. After Michelangelo finished painting the panels, he was recommissioned to paint during the years of 1535 to 1541. This particular painting covers a complete wall and took all six years to finish. Amazingly enough, public opinion had an effect even in the 1500's and Michelangelo's paintings was sorely contested. While the paintings good as it was for a good period of time, eventually, the naked body with the skin flayed and the genitals completely covered.

Almost 500 years later, a restoration project was designed for the Sistine Chapel. The idea behind it was to improve and restore architecture and reconfigure the paintings to look more original than it may have for the last century. While there is plenty of architecture in Rome that needs to be seen in Rome tours, the Sistine Chapel is a must for anyone who is headed to the islands of Greece. In other words, some of the most famous paintings and architecture can be found in this one building alone and when you figure it's almost 500 years old, you wonder if any of the artworks made today could last that long.

While you can see Rome architecture on your own, you're going to miss out on the knowledge that is give and during Rome tours of architecture. In other words, your tour guide will give you intimate knowledge concerning the architecture, reconstruction efforts, as well as tidbits of information concerning each part of the Roman architecture that has lasted for centuries.


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