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Rome Tours for the Coliseum

Heading to Rome can be one of the most excited exciting adventures you can take and your life, some of the architecture was built with in the first century and yet still stands today. Rome tours for the Coliseum are available so that you can see an area that is full of beautiful architecture, history, and builders that built for centuries.


The Coliseum known as the Flavian amphitheater was actually built in the first century. It's a circular types of stadium that actually covers over six acres. The red brick that the arches are made of are holding up through the centuries, and while they are deteriorating to a certain extent, it's unbelievable how long they have lasted. The Coliseum is 157 feet in height, and has layered seating that can seat upwards of 50,000 people. It actually has 80 entrances, with four of them used very specifically by the Emperor and retinue.

Rome tours will show you how it took 8 years to design and build the Coliseum, and used over 50,000 slaves, with an opening date of 80AD. Its name comes from a statue that rose 130 feet in the air that was known as Colossus. Many believe that this particular statue is the face of Nero, and yet others believe that is a succession of different Roman emperors throughout Rome's history.

Originally used for gladiator fighting, the Coliseum was well known for violent sports. They held animal and human contests, contest to the death, as well as making history with the gladiator name. These events were watched in a layered seating arrangement, and of course, the Emperor had his own box with the best view of the arena. During this time period, women that were not a part of the Emperor's retinue were not allowed to sit with men and had to take the upper levels in order to watch the action. The best part about the Coliseum is its lay out and seating, which allows the action on the floor of the arena to be seen no matter where you sat. In fact, many arena seating plans of today are based on this type of Coliseum seating.

While the Coliseum has not stood up to the test of time as well as other Roman architecture, there is still plenty to see. Rome tours can offer you a chance to experience one of the first sports arenas made in the world as well as a variety of other architectural miracles that were built during Roman times. Heading for wrong for an adventure gives you an opportunity to see some of the oldest architecture in the world today, don't miss out on seeing some of the architecture, and Rome tours are the best way to make sure you're included in the total adventure.


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