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Rome Tours, the Pantheon

There are many reasons to be excited about going to Rome, and taking a Rome tour of the Pantheon should be one of them. There are many different types of Rome tours that are going to be available for you to see the architecture that is sometimes over a thousand years of age. In fact, it's rather amazing how many of these architectural designs that were used centuries ago are still in use today such as the Colosseum seating where everyone no matter where they sit can see the arena floor.


125A.D was the year it was finished, and yet architects around the world have been trying to copy its design for centuries. You'll see other buildings such as the University of Virginia's Thomason Jefferson Rotunda as well as the British Museum Reading room, all designed using the Pantheon as a role model. Many consider that the Pantheon as still one of the architecture designs that can't be replicated today, even with today's materials and machinery.

It has a rectangle for an entrance along with a circular enclosure and typical Greek style portico with a triangle pediment. Three ranks of Corinthian styled support along with rectangle sections connect it all together. Its dome shape actually has an opening at the top that reduced the late allowing for it to be sturdy and durable, making it last for centuries. When designing Pantheon roof, architects of the time took into consideration that rain could come through the roof and actually slanted the floor in order to drain.

The base of the pantheon contains stats that are unbelievably 20 feet thick at the beginning of the dome, these steps are heavier material that lightened as the steps go skyward. These are considered stability portions of the building, which is helped it to last through the centuries. While some parts of the pantheon have been recovered and restored such as the bronze doors, other parts have never had any type of major reconstruction since it was built just after 100AD. This makes it one of the oldest architectural designs in the world today that is not had a major reconstructive work.

Believe it or not, some parts of the pantheon are still used for different and various events today, mostly as a church, where in the eighth century conversion to religious services happened.

While in Rome, it's important that you consider Rome tours of some of the greatest architecture in the world today. Some of the buildings such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon are still used in designing buildings today. In fact, Rome tours are the best way to learn and see architecture that cannot be matched even with today's machinery and materials.


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