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Rome Tours, the Vatican City and Museums

Many people tour Rome for a variety of reasons, architecture being one of them, but don't miss out on the Rome tours of all the Vatican museums as well as the Vatican City and the ancient works of art that are considered some of the most famous and impressive the world over.


The Vatican Library was built and designed some time around 1506 A.D, Pope Julius the II helped put it together. He received several works of art and decided to store them in a building, designed especially for different types of sculptures such as Laocoon and his Sons as well as a safe place for tapestries, painting and other types of artwork. This was the beginning of a tradition with the Vatican library and many different connoisseurs of art began storing famous works within this building.

Another of the most famous is the Estruscan Museum, which was not created until 1837. You'll find a variety of different sarcophagi and mosaics from the Roman Empire. Along with this museum you should see the Gallery of Tapestries, which is a library and museum of wall coverings such as tapestries from the 15th century through the 17th. Tapestries such as this are not made in the same manner anymore, and could never last for centuries like these beautiful tapestries that have been on display.

You also may want to see ancient maps, while you're on tour in Rome. The Gallery of Maps contains 40 different panels that were originally used as a mapping system to illustrate the whole world or what was known of it at that time. They were also used to keep track of where the church was making progress in Christianity around the world.

Another of the Vatican museums is the Raphael Rooms, these four rooms offer some of the most famous and finest artwork the Vatican City has to offer. Built over a period of 8 years during the 15th century, the museum offers the famous works of Raphael as well as other famous artists.

Another of the museums to tour while in Rome is the Vatican Picture Gallery, which holds a variety of art forms from the likes of Giotto, Poussin, and others. Also look to the Sistine Chapel as a famous museum because of the works of Michelangelo that are painted on the ceiling and walls. This is one of the most famous Rome tours you can take, and there is nothing like the Sistine Chapel anywhere else in the world.

Rome tours are going to offer you a variety of different architectural tours as well as fine artwork tours. If you are heading to Rome, don't miss out on architecture and painting that have lasted through the centuries unlike many of the later artworks from humanity.


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